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LL.B., Osaka University (1983)
LL.M., University of Chicago Law School (1996)

Bar Admissions

New York

Professional Experience

Weil, Gotshal, & Manges, (Silicon Valley Office (1996-1997))
Oh-Eebashi Law Offices (1997-2000)
Aska Law Offices(co-founding partner) (2000-2002)
Lecturer (Civil Procedure), Osaka University (2001)

Namura & Associate (founding partner) (2002-2012)
Lecturer (Antitrust), Osaka University Law School (2008)
Lecturer (Civil Defense Practice), Kyoto University Law School (2009)

Namura & Partners (representative partner) (2012-2014)
Lecturer (International Law), Kwansei Gakuin University Law School (2014)
Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, Osaka Office (2014-2016, upon the integration)
Namura & Partners (representative partner) (2016- )

Professional Associations and Memberships

New York State Bar Association
Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Osaka Bar Association
Member, The Kyoto Shimbun Media Council (2001-2004)
Board Member, Copyright Law Association of Japan (2009)

Practice Areas

International Transactions,
Intellectual Property (legal adviceCounseling & Dispute Resolutionlitigation),

Bankruptcy (Corporate Reorganization, Rehabilitation, Debt Collection Debt)

International Bankruptcy Cases
Antitrust Defense
Civil Litigations


・Plea-bargaining under U.S. antitrust law (Journal of the Japanese Institute of International Business Law, August 2000)
・Criteria for determining whether packaging, containers, and product designs are well-known under Article 2(1)(i) of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (Chizai Kanri, January 2001)
・Trade Secrets (Patent, January 2002)
・High Court ruling rejecting the secrecy of technical know-how (trade secrets) (Chizai Kanri, September 2002)
・"Basic Ideas of Intellectual Property" (Monthly Tax Journal, March 2004)
・"Mass Media and Copy rights" (Media Jurisprudence and Social Responsibility)
・"How to treat research results produced by students" (Law & Technology No. 26)
・"Change circumstances and future outlook for Lawyers, Accountants and Tax Lawyers" (International Tax System Research No. 11, 2003)
・"From the front lines of compliance and whistleblower hotlines (NBL No. 872, January 1, 2008)
・"Damages incurred by companies and the effective use of Article 248 of the Code of Civil Procedure (Hanrei Times No. 1299, August 15, 2009)
・Bankruptcy of beneficiaries and master lessees in real estate securitization, Parts 1 and 2 (Ginko Homu 21 Nos. 708 & 709, October & November 2009)(co-author)
・The Japan Fair Trade Commission’s stance regarding the abuse of superior bargaining position and dumping (establishment of guidelines) (The Lawyers, January 2010)
・"Intellectual Property and Business: ~Corporate Directors' Responsibility to Manage Intellectual Property~" (Kansai Patent Information Center, Bulletin No. 26)
・Proving infringement in a trade secret misappropriation case and the level of secrecy ? How to deal with the outflow of technology (Chizai Kanri, October 2012)

・Discussion on Sexual Harrassment (Gakusai Tosho) (co-author)
・Intellectual Property at in the context of Corporate Activities (Osaka University Publication) (co-author)
・Legal Issues regarding Patents and Utility Models (Seirin Shoin) (co-author)
・New Annotated Unfair Competition Prevention Act [new edition] Vol. 1 & 2 (Seirin Shoin) (co-author)
・Outlines of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Shojihomu) (co-author)
・PracticalRelated Issues of Insolvency (Seirin Shoin) (co-author)

Lectures and Seminars

・"Copyright Seminar in Kansai Region" hosted by Music Publishers Association of Japan, November 2013
・"Intellectual Property Seminar" hosted by Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association, November 2013
・At "Overseas Audit Practice Section Meeting" hosted by Japan Audit & Supervisory Board Members Association, January 2014
・"Intellectual Property Practice Study - Today's Issues on Copyright" hosted by Osaka Gyoseishoshi Kai, February 2014
・"Leakage of Trade Secrets and Technology to Overseas" hosted by International Committee of Osaka Bar Association and Kansai Economic Federation, March 2014
・"Copyright Seminar in Kansai Region" hosted by Music Publishers Association of Japan, March 2014
・"Intellectual Property Seminar on Osaka Prefecture-UAE Cases" hosted by JETRO Osaka, June 2014
・At "Monthly Seminar" hosted by Licensing Executives Society Japan, September 2014
・"Intellectual Property Seminar" hosted by Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association, October 2014
・"Seminar for Entrepreneurs" by hosted by Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21, November 2014
・"Expanding Business, Intellectual Property Strategies and Legal Practices in Southeast Asia" hosted by Maeda & Partners, November 2014
・"Introduction to Intellectual Property Law and Protection of Trade Secrets" hosted by Osaka Shihoshoshi Kai, December 2014